Everyone makes mistakes, and when it comes to your wedding ring, everyone tries their best not to make them! But there are a bunch of small mistakes that plague many married couples. Don’t let these simple mistakes in wedding rings ruin a great marriage.

1.  Not getting a proper sized wedding ring

Many people don’t realise how important it is to get the right size wedding ring. They either go for a loose or tight one! Both can cause problems in your marriage and with your partner, especially if they constantly want to take it off and on which will cause knots up their skin. If you’re looking at different vendors that sell rings, make sure you know what kind of sizing system you need to use before making any final decisions. Some companies require measurements such as millimetres (MM) while others allow you to use inches (in). Of course, be careful about using letters like A-Z and 1-25 because these could be easily confused with numbers. It’s also very important that you double-check what kind of sizing system is used for each ring you’re looking to purchase.

2.  Cheaper or fake diamonds in your wedding band

There are many different reasons why people opt for fake diamonds in their rings, but the biggest one is probably the cost! If they put real diamonds in their wedding ring they will have to spend a lot of money on it! Some might even say that having a real diamond in your wedding ring will make you more likely to get divorced because if something happens to it (like losing it), it can be very costly… But this isn’t necessarily true. Getting higher quality stones like moissanite with H colour (the most coveted) with excellent cut and clarity won’t the bank AND won’t cause you to divorce your spouse! And the truth is, some people are lucky enough to make more than one wedding ring with their first.

3.  Keeping old rings as a memento

Who knows why you might be keeping an old ring of yours? Maybe it doesn’t fit anymore, or maybe you’re just really sentimental about it. If this is the case, then don’t worry about it at all! Just keep that little piece of jewellery somewhere safe and sound where no one will ever find it… But if it’s your husband/wife’s old ring from before they were married, you should probably return it so they can have their jewellery back before you two get hitched! Otherwise, they’ll think you had big plans to marry other people before you got together that didn’t work out.

4.  Buying a really expensive wedding ring

Yes, it’s nice to have an expensive looking wedding ring but what’s even nicer is being able to pay for it! The truth is most couples can’t afford an expensive one and they end up having to settle with something cheaper (and smaller) than they thought they could ever afford. You might think that someday your partner will buy you a nice diamond as a present, but the truth is most men never do this and would rather not spend any additional money on jewellery at all after they’ve bought their new mate their wedding ring… So make sure you ask them how much you can expect to spend before you start shopping for rings.

5.  Not taking special requests

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they only need to buy their significant other a wedding ring and nothing more, but some people have very specific requests when it comes to how their wedding ring should look like. If you’re going for something conservative then this might not be a problem, but if your fianc√© wants something that’s slightly over the top or just simply different from what’s standard, don’t forget to give them a call and ask them if they’d like you to try out a few options!

Now go out there and find a perfect wedding ring for you AND your partner! And remember: these things happen all the time so don’t freak out too! 

6  Never remove your wedding ring

Some people have a superstition about never taking your wedding ring off because if you do it will bring bad luck to your marriage or cause you to break up with your partner. This is just NOT TRUE! Many couples take the rings off from time to time and nothing bad ever happens as a result, so why not? It’s just jewellery after all and it can be very uncomfortable (especially for men) when wearing it 24/7 and 365 days out of the year (yes this means even on Christmas… You don’t want Santa thinking you’re already married).

If you don’t learn how to properly take care of your ring, over time the jewellery will look worn out and old even if you’ve only had it for a couple of years. With proper care and maintenance though you might be able to add another few decades before you need to get your wedding ring refurbished! And if something does happen along the way (like getting it stolen), at least there’s not that big of an impact on your wallet like trying to replace a real diamond.