10 Best Things About Hindu Sculptures

Hindu sculptures are known for their unique features and artistic beauty. They mostly depict Hindu Gods, Goddesses and other religious figures. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world, with roots dating back to around 15,000 B.C.E., according to scholars.

Lord Ganesha statue under blue and white sky during daytime

Many different elements make up the sculptures of Hindu deities. Here are the 10 best things about Hindu statues:

1) The Vibrant Colors

One thing you will notice right away when looking at any given set of sculptures is the out-of-this-world colours used in them. These vibrant hues help to bring the images they represent closer to life than any realistic sculpture could.

2) The Way They’re Portrayed

Hindu sculptures are often portrayed as being in a state of motion, even if they don’t necessarily have to be. This gives the viewer a sense of what it might be like to experience other realms beyond our ordinary plane of reality.

3) The Clothes They Wear

Many Hindu statues tend to have specific types of clothes or uniforms their depicted deities wear. These garments can help you determine which god or goddess is depicted without having to read any associated text that might go with the picture. 

This makes it easier than ever for anyone, no matter how well-versed they may be in all things Indian culture, to learn more about their faith through these images and idols.

4) The Emotions They Display

One thing that is also very important about the Hindu sculptures you see is how they tend to express various human emotions through facial expressions.

 Anger, joy, sadness, and fear are all things you might encounter when looking at these images, which can help make them more relatable to any viewer out there, no matter who they are or what their culture may be like.

5) The Incense Used During Rituals

Another thing that makes Hindu statues stand out among others in the world of faith-based sculptures is the incense used during rituals devoted to them.

Many temples will use this powerful material while honouring their deities, which only adds to the beauty of watching these ceremonies transpire.

6) Their Many Different Attributes

There are dozens of attributes depicted in this particular type of sculpture.

Almost every god or goddess you can think of has its special accessory that is used while honouring them, which means there’s always something new and interesting to see when you visit a new temple devoted to one of these deities.

7) The Legends They Tell

One thing you might notice about Hindu statues is how many different legends and stories they tell throughout history. These stories often date back thousands of years and give us an insight into what life was like during those times. 

Despite the passage of time, people still flock to the temples where these fascinating works reside in hopes of learning more about India’s past.

8) Their Trademark Hand Gestures

Another thing that gives Hindu statues an interesting quality is their trademark hand gestures. Many deities are known to have various objects they hold in one of their hands, with the other being raised into the air as if giving a blessing or some other kind of spiritual offering.

9) The Symbolic Meanings Behind Them

One thing you should realize about Hindu sculptures is how much thought goes into them before they are ever created or placed inside temples for worship. Each god has its specific meaning behind it which often ties back to the sacred stories associated with these figures from ancient scriptures.

10) Their Attractiveness

 Last but not least, another aspect that makes Hindu sculptures stand out among others is how much attention goes into the way they all look.

These images are often crafted in a way that makes them very pleasing to the eye, which is probably because it’s so easy for people to fall in love with them once they see how attractive they are.