How to Plan an Affordable Wedding?

How to Plan a Wedding that You Can Afford

Planning Your Wedding Day

After everything you have been through, from breakups to makeups, and challenge after challenge, it all finally comes to this – you’re getting married! But, it doesn’t end there because your wedding is a challenge itself. The planning process is stressful, time-consuming, and forces many couples to go crazy. Because, for one, there’s a budget you have to stick to, a timeline to follow, and a whole lot of things to do.

Now, because of all these, it may seem impossible to plan an affordable wedding without losing your mind. So, we’ve come up with a few tips to help you start the process and make sure you stick within your budget.

Getting Your Priorities Straight

Now, before we discuss anything further, you first have to figure out your priorities as a couple. What do you want to do AFTER the wedding? Are you planning to buy a house? Or, maybe start a new family? Getting your priorities straight will help you set a budget. Because, if you were planning to do all these things right after getting married, then you’ll know just how much you need to spend. It wouldn’t be wise to have a lavish wedding and start your new life together in debt, right?

Once you’ve established your budget, you have to discuss what you both like and expect. By knowing what you both want your wedding to become, you can see more clearly where you can cut and where you can save. This makes it easier for you to achieve that beautiful yet affordable wedding you desire.

How to Plan a Wedding that You Can Afford?

How to Plan a Wedding that You Can Afford

  • Venue

The first and best way to cut down costs depends on your venue. The location where you plan to tie the knot is the most expensive detail at most weddings. Now, what you need to do is to find a single place where you can have your reception and ceremony at the same time. Doing so not only saves you money on the venue but you can also avoid paying for transportation. Plus, it’s more convenient for you and your guests as you don’t need to be moving from one point to another.

Another way to cut down on costs is to hold your function at home, at your family or friend’s property, or at an establishment you love going to as a couple. Aside from significantly getting the costs down, this also gives your wedding more meaning and personality – thus, making your big day more about you than about your wedding’s price tag.

  • Wedding Dress

A bride’s dress can be very expensive. In fact, in Australia, the average cost of a wedding gown is around $5,180 in 2018. But the good news is, you don’t have to pay as much to feel as beautiful as those who spent that big. You can rent a dress or buy one from a previous bride. This can lower the price by as much as 30 to 90% of the total price. Plus, if you’re being practical, these are your best choices as you will only be using it for a single day.

However, if you really want to buy a new one, we recommend you to choose a classic dress without embellishments. Laces and beading are expensive materials that can raise a dress’ cost by a mile. Instead, you can use accessories to get the style you want. Or, you can also buy a floor sample dress and pay as low as 50% its total price, depending on its condition, for how long it has been on the floor, and on your bargaining skills.

  • Wedding Photographer

Many say you can get a friend to do a photographer’s job. But, we don’t agree. Weddings are a BIG deal and to have an inexperienced individual to have such big responsibilities? Expect more problems in the future. How to Plan a Wedding that You Can Afford

Your wedding day is special and it only happens once. Everything that will transpire during that day can’t be repeated or reenacted because it won’t have the same impact. Now, a professional photographer or photo booth hire company can save all these moments for you, making sure each detail and emotion is captured. You will be given photos that not only remind you of your big day but also allow you to feel the same way you did during that time. These photos will last forever and they will be the same ones you show to your future kids, grandkids, and to all your friends and family.

Now, because you need professional photographers at your wedding, the most ideal way to make their services more affordable is to hire them per hour. Day rates (8 to 10 hours) are indeed pricey and you don’t even need them for that long! The same applies to all your other vendors and suppliers. You can bring costs down by booking your florist, band, DJ, videographer, and others per hour.

  • Food

You can ditch the 3 or 4-course fancy meals and go with station or buffet setups. This way, you can cut down the price from your caterer by as much as 25%.

  • Decor

For your decorations, avoid buying! Even when each piece is cheap, it is better if you hire them instead. Plus, think of it this way, you won’t need 50 vases after the wedding and you probably will have a hard time looking for a buyer too. So, remember: rent or hire but just don’t buy.