Take Advantage Of Hotel Accommodations – Read These 5 Tips

Let’s face it, hotel accommodations are often some of the most poorly managed properties in many parts of the world. A high turnover rate combined with the necessity to house multiple groups can lead to shoddy rooms. 

brown wooden bed frame with white and red floral bed linen

However, there are ways that you can improve your stay by making note of these small annoyances during your next trip. Keep reading for 5 great hints on how to get more for your money at hotels.

> Start With The Bathroom

The bathroom is one of those areas where you’re likely to find a few problems; dirty carpets and stains on the walls and mirrors are common complaints from guests who could have prevented them with a little preparation.

If you would like an easy way to protect yourself against such problems, bring a blanket or towel with you and place it over the carpet each day you’re there. Doing so will help prevent any potential stains from ruining your room.

In addition to being unsightly, hard water spots on mirrors can be very difficult to remove. Using a squeegee is an easy solution that requires little effort and works exceptionally well.

In many cases, guests might feel too lazy to bother with this minor chore themselves but it only takes five minutes if done every day! 

The best part? A simple cleaning of the mirror can vastly improve its appearance and make a large difference in how a dirty bathroom appears overall.

> Turn On The AC Then Back Off

Many hotel-goers simply assume that their air conditioner is broken when they open the door and notice that it’s not blowing cold air. In many cases, this is a result of poor indoor air management by the owners rather than an actual issue with the A/C unit itself. 

To keep your room nice and cool throughout the day, turn on the AC when you first enter then adjust it back a few degrees below your desired temperature before you leave for any length of time. Doing so will help save energy and save you from returning to a sweltering hot hotel room!

> Bring Some Noise-Canceling Headphones

If you’re anything like me then being exposed to constant noise can become very irritating very quickly. Whether it’s just someone talking loudly in another room or that damn ice machine; the most important thing is to bring some noise-cancelling headphones and wear them at all times in your room. 

This will help prevent annoyance and also improve the quality of sleep you get each night, which can come in handy if your next destination offers nothing but planes, trains, and automobiles for nightly entertainment.

> Use Two Separate Bedsheets

We’ve often all been there: trying our best to make the bed only to find stains on the mattress pad once we peel back both sheets. Even worse, your hotel might have used a single sheet over both beds despite being made up of two separate ones. 

To save yourself from this sort of hassle simply use a fitted sheet over a flat one to ensure that any stains or dirt are on the top sheet instead of under it.

Not only will this help reduce the chance of your sleeping on something unsanitary but it’ll also make picking up and cleaning much easier since you can just remove the top sheet!

> Bring Your Toiletries

Many hotels stock their rooms with tiny toiletry bottles for guests’ convenience; unfortunately, these often come with inconveniently small caps so many people simply leave them half full when they check out. 

If you bring your bottle along with some drinking cups then you can avoid this problem entirely. Using larger “aeroplane” sized containers is the best solution due to their ample size and flexible necks which will prevent both leakage and gross spills. 

Even if you forget to bring your bottle just remember that most hotels stock larger sized shampoo and conditioner bottles which can work wonders with even the tiniest of bathrooms!

By using just a few simple techniques, you will be able to take advantage of an otherwise unappealing hotel room and enjoy its benefits without suffering from it!

Do yourself a favour next time you find yourself away from home by following these tips to make the best of every situation.

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