Our Top Tips On How To Feel Confident On Your Wedding Day

If there’s one day you want to feel, look, and act you’re very best and feel as confident as can, it’s without a doubt your wedding day. The day that’s entirely centred around you and the love of your life. But accomplishing this feat is a lot harder than it sounds. 

After all, this is a day you’ve likely been dreaming about for years, if not as long as you can remember, and you want everything to go according to plan. To help make your wedding-day dreams come true, we asked planners to share their best tips for feeling confident in your role as the bride.

If you’re feeling pressured to find the wedding dress of your dreams that you think you may be going nuts, don’t worry! We chatted with experts and brides who know exactly how you’re feeling, and we asked them to spill their tips for finding the perfect wedding dress. Read on, stress less and spend more time on the rest of your wedding planning to-do list. 

The colour of your wedding dress also plays a vital role in your wedding.

It’s not exactly brand-new information that non-white wedding dresses can be boss as hell, but after all their years trending, they still manage to scare away even the most style-savvy brides. 

Maybe it simply comes down that brides just can’t shake the feeling that they’ll regret not wearing a white dress on their special day. But you know what could be an even bigger wedding regret? Wearing white out of obligation and realizing that even just a smidge of colour would have made your smile so much brighter.




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If you have a wedding planner, you should be all set in this department, but if you’re handling all the details yourself, it’s vital that you keep track of your checklists and timelines. Additionally, about two months before your wedding, some recommend sitting down with a couple of your most organized and detail-oriented friends and going through all your vendor contracts and noting deadlines and requirements. 

Then, start inputting these dates in your calendar with a reminder alert a few days before and on the day of. Make your day-of timeline with the help of your venue or catering team and emcee, review your venue layout, check-in with all of your vendors, and then make more lists.




Whether it’s your bridal party, your groom-to-be, close cousin, or mom, keep people who relax and calm you close by on your wedding day. Organizers also suggest finding buffers for the family members who are likely to bring you stress. You can also help your fiance with bucks party ideas, to keep that positive vibe before your wedding day. 

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If there’s someone who you would like to have present while you are getting ready but fear they will cause you anxiety, ask someone else also to act as a buffer. All in all, just make sure that you are surrounded by the people who make you feel like the best version of you and you will feel confident with ease on your special day.



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Your wedding day is not the day to squeeze into a gown or outfit of any kind that you feel self-conscious in. When choosing your wedding dress, comfort should be one of the biggest considerations. You should buy something that you feel amazing in today and not something you have aspirations of feeling good in once you’ve gotten in shape or lost weight closer to the wedding.

You can also rock a different colour of wedding dress. Rocking a colourful gown on the aisle is a statement already. So, make sure your glam squad knows the deal and can create a complimentary look that won’t clash with your dress. Or go completely makeup-free! Same goes for your bridal baubles. Stick with chic and classic pieces that don’t compete with all the drama going on in your dress.