8 Tips For Getting Married While Pregnant

Low Angle Shot Of Man and A Pregnant Woman Holding Hands With Baby Shoes Between Their Fingers

Tying the knot amid your pregnancy may feel like your whole little family, including you, your significant other, and the precious bub in your bump is present. However, it is definitely not the most undemanding undertaking you will execute. In addition to wedding planning, shopping, and execution, morning sickness and other pregnancy downsides are some of the things you need to keep an eye on. While your experience of walking down the aisle is a little different to most bride’s, it can be as successful. To make yourself feel and look that little bit more extra special, get your hair and makeup done professionally by Simona Janek.

To get you started, we made you a list of tips to aid you in taking extra care of yourself and your baby in preparation for and throughout the event. If followed, these will help you enjoy one of the most important days of your life to the fullest. Read on!

  1. Choose the Best Timing

If you have not set the date yet, it is best to pick a date amid your second trimester. At this time, the morning sickness is not as bad as during the first trimester and the symptoms will not be as heavy during the third. 

  1. Disclose or Keep it as a Secret

If you are early on the pregnancy, you have the option to tell your guests about it or not. Of course, this will depend on how far you are along with your guests and other myriad factors. Letting them know will help them understand your condition. This is crucial, especially when the features of pregnancy visit you during the event. Chances are, they will be able to recognize the limits brought about by your condition and how much accommodation you can give each other.

  1. Level Up Your Organizational Skills

With double the amount to think about, it is extremely crucial to double your efforts in staying organized. Keep a master schedule of your wedding timeline and deadlines. Tracking the progress among your vendors easily and maintaining control of the big picture depreciate the stressful side of wedding planning. A happy bride-slash-mum means a happy groom and healthy bub!

  1. Hire a Wedding Planner

A wedding coordinator will give you aid in organizing and executing your nuptials. Not only will they help you track your vendors but they will also help make arrangements for your bridal party and guests.

Wedding planning is a difficult task to do, even for non-pregnant brides. While some can manage without a coordinator, most hire one. With extra challenges by your side, it might be best to ask for assistance. Leaving the event planning to an expert will let you focus on the more important changes and transitions you will go through.

  1. Delegate

If you need extra pairs of hands aside from a wedding planner’s, ask for help. This is beneficial in aspects that are more important and personal. Chances are, your bridesmaids and maid of honour are more than willing to help you. Describe your vision clearly and give them direct guidelines, then let them take the wheel. 

  1. Mind Your Wedding Dress

Wearing an excellent gown is a highlight in every wedding. If you’ve yet to get a dress, you are lucky! Estimate the size by using a faux baby bump when trying on dresses. On the other hand, if you already purchased one or having it designed before getting the news, it is wise to call your dressmaker as soon as possible for modifications. 

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  1. Choose a Healthy Menu

Regardless if it is a buffet or a multiple course meal, make sure your menu includes food and drinks that are friendly for an expecting mum like you. Give your caterer and bartender a heads up. If your menu has raw meats, make sure to have a portion that’s fully cooked. Ask for a sparkling cider or special mocktail in replacement for the classic champagne for you. 

  1. Intensify the Self-Care

While striving for a perfect, once-in-a-lifetime wedding is normal, caring for yourself and for your baby should always come first. Your tight schedule will definitely demand a myriad of meetings, fittings, and tastings. In other words, you will have to sit for long hours. Hence, do pregnancy-friendly exercises. Most importantly, do everything at your own pace. Furthermore, always stay hydrated and have healthy snacks with you, even during the special day. 

Last but not least, do not forget to have fun during the planning process and during the special day itself. For instance, why not treat yourself to a session of maternity photoshoot amid the wedding planning craziness? At Renee Joanne Photography, I help expecting mums document the initial process of motherhood through shooting impeccable photographs of her changing form. Plus, I offer various packages, perfect for when little bub has joined you!