Bridal Makeup Tips: 5 Things to Consider Before You Book Your Makeup Artist

Portrait preparation of bride in the morning before wedding. artist makes makeup and she keeps eyed closed Free Photo

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, future bride! You must be full of excitement, counting on the days to one of the most significant moments of your life. 

You must have invested a great deal of time, energy, and resources to bring such a once-in-a-lifetime event to its perfection. To make the day of your dreams unforgettable, chances are, you also booked the best wedding photographer in the area. He or she will capture stunning images of every precious moment. Hence, that is why you probably want to feel and look your best on your special day. As you should! After all, it is to celebrate you and the one who keeps you all smiles. Plus, there is no repeating that!

Scouting for a good makeup artist for your wedding is one thing. However, hiring one who will tie together your bridal look in accordance to your wants and needs is another. Hence, it is crucial to be selective. To help you with that, we made a list of points to consider when booking your professional makeup artist to ensure you got the best option for you. To get you started, keep reading on!

  1. The Makeup Artist’s Portfolio

When finding a makeup artist, the first thing on the agenda is to do one’s research. To make sure that the artist’s work and skills match your personal style is to take a look at their portfolio, which is the equivalent of peeking on someone’s resume in the world of art. This collection of images showcase their general style as well as showcase their experience and best works. Chances are, this is up on their website. Also, check out their Facebook, Instagram, and/or Pinterest pages, where they most likely post their most recent projects. Remember, a professional artist will have most of these, if not all. Plus, if they have great reviews, you can safely assume that they are outstanding!

  1. The Opportunity for a Makeup Consultation

Meeting up with your prospect seems like an additional cost you can skip. However, more often than not, it is an investment. The meetup will help you understand how the professional works and find out if the two of you match in terms of style and comfort. Also, you will get the chance to pose all the questions you have been meaning to ask. Hence, ask them about the following:

  • The products and the type of makeup they use. Do they work using regular makeup, HD makeup, or airbrush makeup? Also, do they use a variety of makeup products or are affiliated with a particular brand?;
  • Package inclusions such as hair extensions, fake eyelashes, contact lenses, and even hair extensions and accessories, as well as nail paints.;
  • The size of their team. Do they work alone or have assistants? Can they entertain members of your bridal party?; and
  • Length of service. How long will the makeup session last?

Through this, you can discuss with them your ideal look. You may also give them a heads up about your requirement and skin sensitivities if there is any. Every good professional makeup artist will address all your queries and layout in detail their recommendation for complementing your features.

  1. Opportunity for Makeup Trial and Preview

Let us face it: every face is unique. There might be a chance when the makeup inspiration you saw on social media or on your prospect’s portfolio may not be as suitable for you. When this happens, it is most likely that the expert has a more fitting idea. Better yet if you show them your wedding gown. This is instrumental in helping them match your makeup to it! That is why having a test run is a wise move. If the makeup artist is willing to conduct one, this means they are capable and are building trust. Not only does a trial provide an avenue for clearer communication, but this also leaves no room for undesirable surprises on your wedding day!

  1. Contract and Payment Terms

Having a written contract is a strong indicator that the makeup artist is a professional since they ensure that both parties are protected. This also means they claim full accountability for their service and offer a commitment to your schedule. The contract should cover details about fees, payment and cancellation terms, as well as policies. In cases of destination weddings, travel cost and arrangements and lounging shall be discussed. Make sure both parties are clear on each other’s terms.

  1. The Practise of Safety Measures

Having your makeup done by a professional means sharing close physical proximity with them. Hence, ensure that the artist follows strict safety practices and keeps their cosmetic products and tools sanitized. Make sure to reciprocate the favour, too!

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